uahpet . battery operated wireless cat water fountain


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EASIER – Cordless and Battery Powered: Get rid of the annoying cable, Uahpet automatic cat water fountain has 5000mAh high capacity battery, suitable for wireless multi-scene use. There is absolutely no need to plug in, shake out the electrical problem. Never worry about the cat’s water shortage during a power outage or a short trip. Retractable hidden anti-tilt bracket, effectively prevent the cat from overturning the fountain.
SMARTER: Uahpet wireless cat water fountain with 120º thermal image sensor induction water outlet. The cat water fountain automatically releases 30-35 seconds of water when pets enter the range of the sensor (13-21CM). The sound of moving water arouses the interest of cats, It effectively addresses that cats do not drink water.You can switch to timed mode by button, it releases water every 15 minutes in this mode .
SAFER:Eliminate electric shock by leakage: the water fountain uses the same water pump as the coffee machine, so it can truly achieve separation between water and electricity, let your pet drink from it. drinking water wherever and whenever. Easily check the remaining water level through the transparent water tank, add water in advance and avoid pet dehydration.
HEALTHIER: The cat water fountain is not only self-circulation to keep the water clean, but equipped with a filter. Filters can be purchased separately, search ASIN: B09YD7L8X2, please use with genuine filters.


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