Toys Hamster chew wooden pet toys


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Material: Hamster Toys is made of eco-friendly natural wood, safe and reliable.
Keep Pets Healthy: Hamster Toys Kit provides a great exercise and exercise opportunity for dental pets. Keep them healthy and active and help them play around the environment in new and interesting ways
Function: Hamster chew toys are used to clean the teeth and clean the mouth of small animals. The teeth of small rodent animals will continue to grow, and the molars should be used, otherwise too many teeth will affect consumption
Application: Wood Hamster Toys is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, birds, rodents and other small animals
Durable: Pet Chew Toys has an exquisite shape and has been processed with special technology. It is not only an eco-friendly mouse toy, but also a bite-resistant molar tool


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