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🔇SUPER QUIET🔇 – The ultra quiet water pump is extremely quiet (<30dB) with low 12V power consumption. Will not make any noise and will never disturb you or your pet’s sleep. A perfect fountain for cat dog.
😻🐶 ENCOURAGE YOUR CAT TO DRINK WATER😻🐶 – 3 different water flow settings not only a great fun toy for your pets but also encourage them to drink more water, especially useful for most of cats tend not to drink enough, which is very important for kidney health.
💧SOFT AND CLEAN WATER💧 – The filter contains activated carbon and ion exchange resin to filter impurities and soften water, make water fresher and cleaner. And with 360° multi-directional flow, it always delivers fresh water on top, unlike bowls.
💡✔️WITH LED WATER WINDOW💡✔️- Transparent water level window with LED light reminds you to add water in time during day or night. It’s easy to monitor the water level but doubles as a night light at the same time, so your cat can easily drink it in the dark.
😊📅2L LARGE CAPACITY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE😊📅 – With its large volume and filtration, you can go on a 3-5 day trip and let the cat / dog stay at home, very practical!


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