Peteast quiet water fountain 3 liters for cats


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3L Large Capacity: Cat Dog Fountain with a superlative capacity of 3L. Even if you travel 7 days, cat fountains can provide enough clean water.
30db-super quiet: The ultra-quiet water pump is extremely quiet (<30db). You can barely hear the sound. has low power consumption and can provide you and your pet with 100% sweet sleep.
Filtered Water with LED Light and Water Level Marker:Transparent water level window with LED light reminds you to refill water in time during the day or night. It’s easy to monitor the water level but also serves as a night light, even if you turn off the light at night, your pet can find the water dispenser
Water circulation and filtration Replacement filters equipped to purify water, remove hair, dirt and food residue to filter out impurities and soften water, making it fresher and cleaner. And with 360° multi-directional flow, unlike bowls, it always delivers fresh water on top.
Encourage your pet to drink water:Besides being fun toys for your pets, different water flow settings also encourage them to drink more water. This is especially helpful when most cats don’t drink enough, which is very important for their kidney health.


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