Meowant Cat 2.2L Ultra Quiet Fountain


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【Cordless Water Pump】Safety and convenience are supported by the cordless water pump, no wire in the water and saves you from having to take out and in a wire when cleaning.
【Effective Filtration】Featuring ion exchange resin and activated carbon, the filter groove tight fit, ensures good filtration and superior longevity. Before using the filter, soak it in water for 2 minutes and replace it every two to four weeks
【Safe Materials】The materials in contact with drinking water are experimentally certified food grade materials, which will not release harmful substances to your pets in the water. The transparent design of the water tank is more conducive to monitoring the water level in the water dispenser
【Encourage Your Pet to Drink】Water flow can encourage your cats and dogs to drink more water. If your cat/dog likes to drink from the faucet, this is a good choice for you


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