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The cute bionic duck comes with a large squeaker hidden in the wild duck toy body, which makes a nice squeak when the animals gently squeeze it. The two rattle wings effectively attract your pet’s attention. Satisfy your pet’s instinctual desire to chew.
By chewing the duck, dogs can clean the dirt in their teeth, freshen their breath and keep the dog from behaving. When you are not at home, these squeaky toys can spend time with your pets, release dog’s separation anxiety, reduce puppies on home furniture and other facilities to break them
Dogs are animals that need to be cared for. Take them outside for exercise, and make your dog healthier and happier. You can play games with puppy dogs, such as war draw, toss the ball and take ball games. It will give you and your pet an interesting leisure time and make your relationship with your dog closer.
The lightweight plush chew toy is so easy to throw and play, which is very healthy for dog’s teeth. It helps to remove dog’s dental calculus, fresh breath and clean teeth effectively. Keep dog’s teeth healthy.
The length of the wild duck is approximately 32cm, making it ideal for small to medium sized dogs and puppies to cuddle, sleep or chew on. The best gifts for your puppy are dog birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving and Halloween gifts.


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