21 x Standard Aquarium Air Pump Accessories


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complete tools match your aquarium well: 5 Meter Aquarium Oxygen Hose, 2 x air stones, 2 x check valves, 12 x suction cup clips, 2 x L-straight connectors and 2 x T-connectors .
Overhead tubes: 5 mm/ 0.2 inch in diameter; Applicable to most working air pumps/air accessories.
Bubble air stones: approx. At 20 x 61mm, they are durable and can continuously produce fine bubbles to efficiently distribute oxygen in your aquarium.
Check valve: the check valve is ideal for aquarium and fish tank; You can put it in the air line tube between the air pump and the fish tank water to prevent the water from entering the air pump.
All kinds of accessories: Are good for both salt and fresh water fish tank, aquarium and any glass surface; easy to install and remove.


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